All You Need to Know About GuidedSMILE Same Day Teeth

All You Need to Know About GuidedSMILE Same Day Teeth

By Joe McIntyre, DDS on August 17, 2021

Is a brand-new smile in one day possible? If missing teeth make you feel uncomfortable or interfere with speaking, eating, and smiling with confidence, same day teeth may be just what you need. The first step is to seek advice from a respected dentist with experience in prosthetics, including dental implants.


Our dentists at Smiles for Life offer GuidedSMILE Same Day Teeth and other proven restorative dentistry treatments to restore oral function, comfort, and appearance. Patients in the HarrisonburgStaunton, and Bridgewater, VA, areas that need to replace several teeth or an entire arch may qualify for this procedure. Let’s compare GuidedSMILE technology to traditional dentures and learn how dentists transform smiles with this advanced restorative option.



Comparing GuidedSMILE and Traditional Dentures

Implant-supported dentures (such as GuidedSMILE) are the next best thing to natural teeth. Some patients with traditional dentures switch to implant-supported dentures to improve function and aesthetics while preserving the underlying bone.


Dentists stabilize implant-supported dentures with small metal posts that fuse with the jawbone. This added strength secures a denture so that it will not slip or wobble. Implant retention of dentures reduces the likelihood of damage to the gums and jawbone.


Dental implants act as natural tooth roots. As a person chews, tooth roots emit vibrations that alert the body to continue sending bone-strengthening minerals to the jaw. Once the jaw fuses with implant posts, they perform a similar role to help the jawbone remain strong and dense. An additional benefit is that preservation of the jawbone helps the face maintain its youthful shape.



Benefits of GuidedSMILE

This contemporary dental treatment comes with many perks for patients:


  • Minimized complications: Risks are reduced with this system because our doctors virtually pre-plan surgery to precisely place implants.
  • Faster outcomes: Patients may not need bone grafts for inadequate bone density before getting GuidedSMILE implants. Because same-day teeth only require one surgery, there are fewer follow-up visits and faster results.
  • Natural-looking restorations: GuidedSMILE is not one-size-fits-all. Our dental team customizes dentures for optimal function and appearance.
  • Durability: This system consists of two parts–dental implants and a customized denture. Dental implants can last a lifetime in a patient with good oral health. Dentures are stain-resistant and strong. While you might need some denture adjustments over time, they should be minimal.



How GuidedSMILE Works

For patients, the GuidedSMILE system is accomplished in three steps:


  • Step 1 – Smile Simulation: Our dentists snap a full smile “before” photograph and create an enhanced smile simulation. The simulation allows patients to preview how their teeth will look after the procedure. Dentists also take impressions and a CT scan of the mouth.
  • Step 2 – The Work Up: After gathering information for the patient’s unique case, the dentist designs a treatment plan.
  • Step 3 – The Big Day: On surgery day, it’s out with the old and in with the new! Our surgical team uses dental implants, the surgical guide, and the new denture to craft a radiant, long-lasting smile.


After surgery, patients leave our office with their new smiles and post-operative instructions to begin their new journey with GuidedSMILE dentures. We are always here for follow-up appointments, checkups, and maintenance of your new teeth.



Schedule a Consultation

The most reliable way to know if GuidedSMILE Same Day Teeth are a viable option is to book an appointment at our office in Bridgewater or Staunton. Call (540) 828-2312 or message us online to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.

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