What to Know about Porcelain Veneers Before and After Treatment

What to Know about Porcelain Veneers Before and After Treatment

By Joe McIntyre, DDS on March 29, 2022

Minor smile imperfections–like stains, gaps, and chips–can drastically impact your smile and overall appearance. Porcelain veneers seamlessly cover smile imperfections, leaving you with a new and improved grin.

With locations in Bridgewater and Staunton, VA, the dentists at Smiles for Life Dental Care take great pride in providing quality dental treatments for patients in and around Harrisonburg, VA. That’s why our dentists partner with a top-tier dental laboratory to provide incredibly lifelike veneers for qualified candidates. 

Porcelain veneers are an easy and permanent way to revamp your appearance. But, it’s important to know what to expect from porcelain veneers before and after treatment. Our knowledgeable team is here to give you the lowdown on high-quality veneers.

What to Know Before Porcelain Veneer Treatment

While dental veneers are a simple way to illuminate your smile, there are still some things you should know about, such as:


  • You must have healthy teeth and gums first
  • Certain conditions may preclude you from treatment
  • They are a life-long commitment

Assessing Your Oral Health

Our dentists expertly examine each patient’s mouth before recommending porcelain veneers. They are looking for specific qualifiers that make patients ideal veneer candidates, such as:


  • Cavity-free teeth
  • Sufficient tooth enamel
  • Healthy, disease-free gums

Patients with cavities or gum disease must have these issues resolved at our office before proceeding with veneer treatment.


Some dental conditions may prohibit patients from getting cosmetic veneers, including;


  • Severe bruxism–or teeth grinding
  • Periodontal disease
  • Moderate to severe misalignments
  • Insufficient tooth enamel

These conditions decrease the effectiveness of permanent veneers and may lead to other oral health issues. In some cases, our dentists may recommend dental crowns instead of veneers to protect and improve the appearance of your teeth. 

Lifetime Commitment

Our dentists must remove a small amount of tooth enamel before adhering veneers to the front surface of the teeth. This means that they will become a permanent part of your mouth, and they must be replaced once worn or damaged. 

What to Know After Porcelain Veneer Treatment

Just as important as knowing what to expect before treatment is knowing what to expect after porcelain veneer treatment. Some matters that patients need to consider after getting porcelain veneers include:


  • The recovery and adjustment period
  • Regular upkeep and maintenance

Recovery and Adjustment Period

Research suggests that porcelain veneers have a 91% survival rate over 20 years, but such longevity requires regular dental care. Subsequently, patients must commit to good oral hygiene and regular dental visits.

Ask Us About Porcelain Veneers Today

Understanding the commitments of porcelain veneers before and after treatment is key to a successful procedure. If you’d like to discuss dental veneers with our dentists, request a consultation using our online form. Patients can also call one of our two, convenient locations. Call our Bridgewater office at 540-828-2312 or our Staunton office at 540-887-3304.

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