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Invisalign® Express treatment uses the same technology as traditional Invisalign® treatments in a fraction of the time, correcting minor imperfections in your smile in about six months or less. Drs. Joe McIntyre and Dan Whiting at Smiles for Life Dental Care can provide their Bridgewater and Staunton, VA, patients with an Invisalign® Express treatment that quickly and discreetly straightens their teeth.

Invisalign® Express treatment is a more compressed orthodontic option for patients who have only minor misalignment.

A Closer Look at Invisalign® Express Treatment

Invisalign® Express treatment is essentially a faster and shorter version of Invisalign® treatment. Like Invisalign® clear braces, patients can align their teeth with a series of clear plastic dental trays that are virtually invisible when worn. However, it is specifically designed for people who experience minor tooth misalignment.

Advantages of Invisalign® Express Aligners

The many benefits of undergoing Invisalign® Express treatment include:

  • Ease and Convenience: Invisalign® Express treatment is just as easy and convenient as traditional Invisalign® clear aligners. Patients can remove the aligners as needed, eat their favorite foods, and avoid the oral irritation caused by traditional orthodontics’ brackets and wires.
  • Less Expensive: Since there are fewer aligners used in Invisalign® Express treatment, the overall cost of treatment is less expensive than that of traditional Invisalign® clear aligners or orthodontics.
  • Faster Treatment Time: Invisalign® Express treatment takes 6 months or less, about half the time for a traditional Invisalign® patient.
  • Enhanced Oral Health and Smile: Invisalign® Express treatment improves tooth alignment to reduce the incidence of dental decay and gum disease, while also making your smile more attractive.

Candidates for Invisalign® Express treatment are adults and teens who require minor orthodontic treatment for spacing issues.

Candidates for Invisalign® Express Treatment

Candidates for Invisalign® Express treatment are adults and teens who require minor orthodontic treatment for spacing issues and types of tooth misalignment. The specific criteria to qualify for Invisalign® Express aligners includes having:

  • Minimal rotation of your front teeth, including cuspids, bicuspids, and incisors
  • Less than 2 mm of spacing or crowding in either the top or bottom row of teeth
  • Less than 1.5 mm of dental expansion required per arch
  • Less than 2 mm of midline correction required

However, the only way to know if you qualify for Invisalign® Express treatment, traditional Invisalign® treatment, or another orthodontic treatment is by consulting with a qualified dentist.

The Invisalign® Express Procedure

Invisalign® Express follows many of the same rules as a traditional Invisalign® treatment. Patients must wear their aligners for at least 22 hours a day, only removing them to eat, drink, or clean their teeth. Every two weeks, the patients will switch out their current aligner for the next one in the series.

Overall treatment times will vary based on the patient’s needs and compliance, but most Invisalign® Express patients require about 10 aligners for full treatment, or about 20 weeks worth of treatment. By comparison, traditional Invisalign® treatment can take between 20 and 30 aligners, or about a year, for final results.

Invisalign® Express treatment offers the convenience of traditional Invisalign® treatment in a reduced timeframe. To learn more about Invisalign® Express clear braces, contact us online today or call us at (540) 828-2312. Our team looks forward to helping you smile with renewed confidence and improved health.


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