Same Day Smile: Alison Galvanek – Elkton, VA




Alison has upper and lower arch fixed implant supported bridges (also called Same Day Smile or All-on-4). She experienced some great health benefits after getting rid of her infected teeth. Her thyroid condition improved, she lost weight, lowered her cholesterol, and was able to get off her pre-diabetic medication. She attributes these health changes to her dental work and her ability to eat healthy foods again. Alison was also able to bill part of her medically necessary oral surgery to Medicare through our office, and it paid 28% of her treatment cost.


“I have had poor dental health for a number of years and it got to the point where I just wasn’t happy with the way my health was. I couldn’t smile anymore because I was missing so many teeth. There was a lot of foods I couldn’t eat because I had missing teeth. I just needed to do something. Well from the day that I walked in and spoke with Becky at first to find out what this whole procedure involved, I was very comfortable. She answered all my questions. The day that I had my surgery, everybody was sweet as could be. I had no trepidations, no problems. Dr. McIntyre was spectacular. He made me feel good, and he made my husband feel at ease about the whole situation. If you’ve gotten to the point where you’re having nothing but problems with your natural teeth or you don’t have a lot of your natural teeth left, I think this is a good solution. I would say, get it done. I would say you only have so much time on this earth and it’s so much nicer to be able to smile and it’s so much nicer to not have to worry about your teeth.

Alison Galvanek — Elkton, VA

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