Same Day Smile: Charlotte Campbell – Mount Crawford, VA

Patient before receiving all on 4 dental implants.


Patient after receiving all on 4 same day dentures in Bridgewater.


Charlotte has upper and lower permanent fixed bridges (also called All-on-4 or Same Day Smile). She was able to save significantly on her treatment by billing through Medicare and experienced awesome results.


I am so pleased with the dental work I have had done at Smiles for Life. It is great to be able to smile again without being embarrassed about broken, ugly teeth. Following years with paraesophageal acid reflux which led to tooth decay and very limited chewing capability, I read about Smiles for Life through testimonies in the Daily News Record. Honestly, I doubted many of the things I had read, but out of desperation, I made an appointment for myself. From the first visit, I was sold! Everyone was so nice, professional and informative. I have continued to be pleased through the year now that I have been going there. Through the weeks that followed my first appointment, I did choose dental implants. I found that all I had read and heard was 100% true. The process went really well without any real pain, only some mild discomfort while healing from extractions. It was still hard for me to believe, since dental care had always been uncomfortable for me. Now everywhere I go, people tell me what a nice smile I have. Those who knew me before tell me how nice and natural my teeth look, almost to the point of embarrassment. I am so pleased with the results, and my family is also very pleased. Many of them have chosen Smiles for Life as well for their dental care. Even my great grandchildren like going to the dentist there. Thank you Smiles for Life for giving me back the ability to enjoy a good meal again and to have a confident smile. I would highly recommend Smiles for Life for any dental care.

Charlotte Campbell — Mount Crawford, VA

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