Same Day Smile: Tara Brown – Churchville, VA




Tara transformed her smile and her life with upper and lower permanent fixed bridges (also called Same Day Smile or All-on-4).


So unfortunately I had terrible teeth. I was blessed with this big obnoxious personality but I would have kind of that like ‘polite stranger in an elevator’ grin. I would never want to show my teeth to anyone and it was just kind of odd. So my husband and I were watching TV and saw a commercial for Smiles for Life and he said ‘you know what, we ought to just give them a call.’ The people at Smiles for Life, the entire team, treats every patient like they’re the only patient. I mean they take patient care to a whole new level. To say that Dr. McIntyre and his team is incredible feels like an understatement. They’re just phenomenal. I have three year old twin boys and one of the things when they were born I thought I can see myself in all the family photos with these horrible teeth and now I’m so excited for those family photos because I don’t have to be ashamed of my smile anymore. I can’t stop smiling. Getting these dental implants, especially at Smiles for Life, completely changed my life.

Tara Brown — Churchville, VA

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