Smile Makeover: Kate Rue – Grottoes, VA




Kate won our Smile Makeover giveaway. She had 4 extractions, 8 fillings, 1 root canal, the 6 upper anterior teeth had gingivectomies, core build ups and ceramic crowns and 4 posterior teeth had implants placed to supported crowns to replace missing back teeth. She now has a stable bite and a smile to be proud of. One of the things Kate loves is being able to smile.

It’s amazing how different a great smile makes you feel. The doctors and Care Team at Smiles for Life have changed my life. I feel much more confident and smile a lot more. Customers have seen my picture in the paper and have come up to me at work to comment on the change. Members of my family were so happy they were almost in tears and I feel so blessed to have been chosen for this. I have always been afraid of the dentist, which is part of the reason my mouth was in the shape it was in. Not anymore! The Smiles for Life Care Team are so caring and considerate of any discomfort that I may feel. The staff is wonderful from the receptionist to the nurses—they always make you feel they are glad to see you and care about you. I have a found a dentist for life and feel there are great changes still in store for me. Thank you. And thanks to the customer that nominated me who started it all. God bless you

Kate Rue — Grottoes, VA
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