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Our Smiles for Life Patients Know

That They Can Rely On Us
LaDawn Knicely

Cathy is always amazing. She remembers personal care details about my visit each time which shows me that she is a great listener, she has heard me and follows through with such care.

Cathy Ryan

I had Dr. Whiting for the first time and the practice will be in excellent hands when Dr. McIntire retires in Sept. He was profesional yet had an engaging demeanor when interacting with me. What makes this practice exceptional is the support staff- the welcoming friendliness of the front desk and the business office personnel. In particular, I would like to give high praises to the dental technician, Faith. She is warm, engaging and puts you at ease. She educates you during the whole process and is extremely knowledgeable about the procedures. Without a doubt, this is the best dental practice in the Valley.

Howard Dean

Dr. Whiting and staff did an excellent job. They were respectful, professional, and very helpful during the process of getting some dental implants. They expedited my appointments to get my new teeth before Father’s Day. Very happy with the results!

Susan Hairston

Dr. Mac performed a small miracle for me yesterday during my appointment. I was having an issue with my temporary bridge and he squeezed me in with his other patients to fix it. He went to great lengths to help me and I am very grateful. Thank you SFL!!

Dottie Westhafer

I had every intention of shopping around before committing to the extensive dental work I needed. However, after visiting the practice and seeing how dedicated they were to making life changing improvement for their patients, I looked no further. It is a process, starting with evaluations, recommendations, x-rays and scheduling. Beginning with my first appointment I marveled at the kindness, care and professionalism I received. I was taken care of skillfully and gently as we began my transformation. Today, June 6, 2024, I left their office with a beautiful smile without discoloration, wear, and misaligned teeth, and I now have a corrected bite and completely restored teeth that I am proud to show. Dr. Geo is very caring and meticulous, striving to complete his work with skill and perfection. I’m so glad that I came to Smiles For Life.

Charles Kimbrough

Smiles for Life has taken care of my dentistry needs for the last 6 years or so. Other offices in the past have had difficult times fitting me in when I needed an appointment. That hasn’t been the case here. Today, I needed to reschedule my appointment for next Monday, and they had an opening today with Cathy Batton instead of my regular hygienist. Cathy does a great job with years of experience and has a way about her to make you feel comfortable.

Linda Clague

Alex, . Morgan, and Dr Geo are very personable and professional. I felt very relaxed the entire visit.I especially appreciated Dr. Geo's careful mouth and teeth exam. They explained everything step by step and allowed time for questions.


On my first visit I meet Becky, we sat down and talked about everything they do there and she allowed me to tell her about my issues with my teeth and she felt that they could help me with my problem. This is the first time I have ever been able to explain, in detail, about my past and present experiences with my dental problems. She made me feel very comfortable in taking about my care and what I would like to have done with my denture issue's. I have set up my next appointment to have x-rays done and feel very good about that! I'm looking forward to my visit and what they have to say about fixing my problem .

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Discover the pleasure of a radiant smile with optimal health. Embrace the confidence that comes with beautiful teeth.
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New Smile, New Life: Cosmetic Dentistry with great results.

Cosmetic Dentistry can give you the smile you deserve. Whether you want to improve your smile for a special occasion, family gathering, or just to allow your personality to shine through, our team can help
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What Our Patients Say

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Video: A Boost In Confidence

In this dental implants testimonial, our patient discusses the discomfort he previously faced when smiling and eating with missing and damaged teeth. Fortunately, with the help of Smiles for Life, he is now pain-free, can smile more comfortably, and be more confident in every day activities.

Video: Jody's Story

After receiving a dental filling for a chipped tooth, Jody noticed that years of drinking coffee left visible, unwanted stains around the filling. She decided that porcelain veneers, offered by the doctors at Smiles for Life, were her best option for concealing the chip while avoiding further stains. Prior to her treatment, the doctors were able to show her computer generated photos to give her a good idea of how veneers would transform her smile.
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Meet Our Doctors

Meet Our Smiles For Life Doctors
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Meet. Dr. Joe McIntyre

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Meet. Dr. Dan Whiting

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