Patient Testimonials

Our Patients Talk About Their Experience.

Our Patients Talk About Their Experience.

Please take a moment to read and watch what our patients have to say about their experience at Smiles for Life. See what others have to say about how various treatments such as dental implants, dental bonding, and sleep apnea treatment has helped to dramatically improve the well-being of our patients. As part of our commitment and dedication to our patients, it is our priority to help everyone achieve the beautiful, healthy smile that makes them proud to show off to family and friends. Visit our video page to watch our complete library of testimonials and videos.

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Video: Edith's Story

Edith shares her experience at Smiles for Life and the numerous benefits of porcelain veneers. Our doctors have also helped her learn more about general dental care and maintenance.

"Dr McIntyre has the best chair side manner of any dentist I have ever seen. All the assistants are friendly and there to help you every step of the way. I have always been treated with care and everyone is very professional. This makes coming to the dentist a lot more pleasant. My front teeth had lots of problems and the veneers solved all of them. My smile looks better than it ever has. I’m always smiling, now that I have something to smile about! Keep up the great work."

—Bev - Bridgewater

Video: A Boost in Confidence

Video: A Boost in Confidence

In this dental implants testimonial, our patient discusses the discomfort he previously faced when smiling and eating with missing and damaged teeth. Fortunately, with the help of Smiles for Life, he is now pain-free, can smile more comfortably, and be more confident in every day activities.

"I feel great about the work that has been done. I’m very pleased! I had a great deal of pain and problems in the past. While the treatment was being done, I saw improvements in my mouth and health. The pain started to go away. I have had a partial for 40 years and eating certain foods was limited. Since having implants, I have been able to eat foods like raw carrots, steaks, etc. I feel a lot better about myself. My wife really likes that work that I had done. I am very happy with the treatment from Dr. McIntyre and his staff. I was always treated with respect and humor! It was always a positive place to be. I would recommend treatment to others. It did cost a bit of money but it was well worth it!" -- Wes

"Just wanted to write my story. I have had so much trouble with my teeth all my life. At one time I was highly concerned with my health due to bad teeth. Thanks to Smiles for Life and Amy Crosby for giving me the opportunity to have a smile again. This is truly a blessing for me. I have wanted a great, beautiful smile for a long time and with their help I am going to have that. I would recommend them to anyone thinking of choosing to have a smile again. It’s been lots of hard work and determination, but finally I can see the light, and it is wonderful. These people are truly a gift from God. Thanks for listening to my story. I could go on and on, but for now, just know life is beautiful." --Audrey

"I went almost 10-15 years with gum disease, lost teeth, and insecurity about my teeth. My self-esteem was very low. I had a fear of having dental work. About six months ago, finally, I had the courage to approach Dr. McIntyre and Dr. Whiting about a plan forward—which was upper and lower full implants. In two long procedures, Dr. McIntyre extracted my teeth, installed 10 implants and did some bone grafting. After each session (5-6 hours) I went home and took a nap after ice packing the areas and both times awoke to almost no pain at all. My confidence in myself is really growing and I would and have recommended this office to my friends." -- Blake

Video: Candy's Story

Video: Candy's Story

Candy discusses her choice to receive dental implants for tooth replacement and explains how they have helped improve her confidence and general health. In the past, she felt self-conscious about smiling and had difficulty eating, but now that she has implants, she can eat and smile more proudly.

"I was having low self-esteem because of having lost some of my front teeth. After the work that was done I feel like a new person. I am smiling all the time and getting comments on how nice my smile is and that I look years younger. I am very happy with my new smile and it shows." -- Brenda

"The work was very good. I can now eat food that for three years I couldn’t—like bacon, popcorn, and potatoes. I forgot how good food tasted. Last week I went out for dinner with my family and it was great. I didn’t know how much I was missing. My coworkers say that I smile all the time now. They say my smile meets my personality. I was treated like they knew me forever, like family. I would and I have told others to go here." -- Charles

"I had twenty veneers placed – ten on the top teeth and ten on the bottom. I am very pleased with the results. I never liked my teeth because they were not white enough and very small and thin. Now they are whiter and I like the shape. The comments I receive are that they look very natural and pretty. I smile more now! Everyone in the office was so supportive, helpful and kind. The staff are professional, caring and supportive. I would recommend anyone getting any cosmetic dentistry to see Dr McIntyre." —Lindy - Harrisonburg

"I am very pleased with the work I had done. The treatment I received was great. Now I smile more easily." —Burma - Greenville

"I was referred to Dr McIntyre by my hygienist at another dentist office when I expressed concern over my front teeth in terms of their appearance and overall health. I was dealt with professionally by receiving a full complimentary consultation with three solutions/treatment plans to choose from. I found the overall process to be generally painless and well orchestrated with appointments and expectations laid out in the initial treatment plan. The office and staff were always friendly and responsive and lived up to my expectations. My teeth and smile look so much better and I can now smile with confidence. I am very pleased with the outcome and would recommend Dr McIntyre and his staff with confidence to anyone in need of cosmetic dentistry." —Sam - Harrisonburg

"The whole staff was friendly and not only welcomed me, but seemed to get along with one another, which is nice to see. A fun environment." —Lorinda - Harrisonburg

"I am happy that I had the work done. I am very pleased with my new smile. You took care of the problems with my front teeth. Now I have a great smile and feel more like smiling. People have said that I have a great smile now. I had a great and caring doctor and staff. I would recommend this to others. It has helped me." —Cathy - Linville

Video: Jody's Story

Video: Jody's Story

After receiving a dental filling for a chipped tooth, Jody noticed that years of drinking coffee left visible, unwanted stains around the filling. She decided that porcelain veneers, offered by the doctors at Smiles for Life, were her best option for concealing the chip while avoiding further stains. Prior to her treatment, the doctors were able to show her computer generated photos to give her a good idea of how veneers would transform her smile.

"A friend recommended Dr McIntyre to me for a minor job which turned into a much bigger job. I had gone to the same dentist for 30 years prior to moving to Bridgewater and I loved that office. But when I came to Smiles For Life and found Dr McIntyre, his office and his great team, I have changed my mind – Never before in my life have I had injections that did not sting, burn or hurt when being applied. Dr McIntyre is now my favorite dentist!" —Lois - Bridgewater

"The “dental family” at this office is a joy and delight to work with and be worked on—skill and kindness combined. The results of my new smile give me a boost to my self concept. I did it and I’m glad." —Janet - Bridgewater

"I feel very good about the work that I had done. I can now feel more confident when I smile. Others notice my new veneers and compliment me on the way they enhance my appearance when I smile. I have been treated very well by my doctor and his staff. I know they will make my visit as comfortable for me as is possible. I would recommend this kind of treatment for others as it improves your confidence and your daily living." —Catherine - Bridgewater

Video: Sleep Apnea Testimonial

Video: Sleep Apnea Testimonial

At Smiles for Life, our doctors offer sleep apnea treatment to help patients and their loved ones get a better night’s sleep. In this testimonial, this patient discusses the diagnostic process and the treatment plan. With a custom mouthpiece, this patient and his wife slept more soundly.

"I found the experience to be a very positive one. The staff was very professional yet caring and concerned. Steps were very well thought out and very well executed. The staff treats patients with respect and yet they have a personal touch. I would definitely recommend." —Midge - Staunton

"I have always loved coming here. The muffin was an added hit!" —Emelie - Harrisonburg

"Everyone was friendly and professional. I appreciated the helpful information as my questions were answered. And the muffin was excellent! Thank you!" —Yvonne - Harrisonburg

"My son was always been very self conscious of his small teeth. When Dr McIntyre noticed excessive wear on the backs of his teeth, he then suggested veneers. His looks have changed so much and his self-confidence has also risen. He SMILES a lot more now. There is no need to look at other offices. Jonanthan chipped his tooth one night on the ball field. Dr Mac came to the office at 9:00pm to repair his tooth. I even got to be the 'assistant!' We all feel we are part of the 'dental family' and have complete trust in their opinion of what needs to be done. We do feel they know us personally and really care about our dental health. We could not ask for more." —Tammy – now lives in Arlington

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