Cosmetic Dentistry: Cathy Batten – Bridgewater, VA




Cathy suffered from fluorosis, which was caused by too much naturally occurring fluoride in her drinking water, leaving her with discolored teeth. After receiving her veneers at Smiles for Life, she has the confidence to smile again. As a dental hygienist, she also has the confidence to show patients her teeth and recommend a solution for others who are looking to achieve a beautiful smile.

I had ten veneers done on my upper teeth. My teeth were discolored; I had fluorosis where there’s too much naturally occurring fluoride in the drinking water where I grew up. It really bothered me. I had a child one time I was just telling about, you know, making sure their teeth were clean and not dirty, and she said, “but your teeth are dirty!” I kind of didn’t know what to say at that moment. I had the veneers put on because it takes away less tooth structure than a crown would. I wanted to have a beautiful smile and be more confident. I think when you see someone and they say, “oh what do you do?” and I say, “I’m a dental hygienist,” well they look at your teeth! So then it made me not want to smile, and now that I have veneers, I love to smile. It’s definitely helped me to recommend cosmetic options to patients because I feel confident and I can smile and I can show them mine, take my mask off, and say “I have them, look!”

Cathy Batten — Bridgewater, VA
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