Orthodontics: Marisol Romero – Dayton, VA




Marisol had Six Month Smiles. She discusses how prior to being treated at Smiles for Life, she had a gap about five millimeters wide between her front two teeth. Throughout the process, her teeth were adjusted to help her achieve the smile she always wanted. Now that she has straighter teeth and a healthier looking smile, she can share her smile confidently with her family and friends.

My two front teeth were just separated. They were about like, probably like five millimeters apart. Yeah, it was just so much, and they were twisted and turned. And then Dr. Whiting said, “I can fix those in six months,” and he did! Each time I would come he would ask me, “how are you seeing your teeth?” or if I would like how a tooth was turning, if I didn’t like it, he would turn it to where I liked it. I would come every month, he would adjust them, make them feel tighter every month. But I started seeing movement within the first week, so that was amazing. I love them. I just love to smile now, and just love taking pictures. It’s funny because at work, they call me the selfie queen because I’m always taking selfies now because of my smile. Especially now, knowing I can just go out and smile. Especially with getting to know new people. They just look at my smile now. Before would be like “oh,” I would know somebody new, and they would be like “oh I like your makeup,” or something, and then they would see my teeth. Now it’s like “oh. She has crooked teeth.” And now it’s like, “oh, look! You’re teeth are pretty and straight!” I would say do it. You won’t regret it. That’s going to be a great experience. I would say don’t think about it twice, just go ahead and do it.

Marisol Romero — Dayton, VA

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