Same Day Smile: B.A. – Waynesboro, VA




B.A. has upper and lower permanent, implant-fixed bridges (also called All-on-4 or Same Day Smile). With this treatment, they were able to achieve the beautiful, healthy smile they desired.

“I feel good about the dental implant work that Dr. Mac has done for me. I am very pleased and satisfied. The work I had done has given me a beautiful smile back and I love it. I had problems before and was not really aware of how bad they were. I was advised by Dr. Mac of what was going on with my teeth, and it was frightening, so I was ready to take on the implant journey, so I could have my smile for life back! The work and treatment I had at Smiles for Life has really given me a new look and a great smile. My family, especially my husband K., knows the journey I’ve gone through, before and after. He knows what it has done for me to be able to smile and laugh with confidence again! Thanks again Dr. Mac. All of my visits in the beginning to the final treatment have been nothing but outstanding. Dr. Mac and his staff have been warm and inviting to me and K. My family has made wonderful compliments on the work I’ve had done because they know the despair I was in for a long time with my teeth. So I would like to say ‘hats’ off to Dr. Mac and his Smiles for Life staff for giving me my smile back! I have already recommended family and friends to Smiles for Life. Dr. Mac and staff, may God continue to bless you in your dentistry journey as you give your patients their smiles for life back! Like you did for me. Thanks & blessings!”

B.A. — Waynesboro,VA

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