Same Day Smile: Eileen Cooper – Churchville, VA




Eileen has upper and lower permanent fixed bridges (also called All-on-4 or Same Day Smile). She was able to save significantly on his treatment by billing through Medicare and experienced awesome results.


“How often do we take our health for granted? It wasn’t until I was in my 60s that I realized that I needed to pay more attention to my overall health and wellbeing. While I took steps to improve my eating habits, to get more exercise, and to address my health issues (diabetes, hypertension) with my primary physicians, the one area that I failed to acknowledge was my dental health.


I had been dealing with dental and gum issues for a long time. I had gone to dentists throughout the years but not consistently. When I began experiencing gum disease and started losing teeth in my late 60s, I didn’t know where to turn. I felt embarrassed to smile, and continually covered my mouth with my hands when I talked to people. I began experiencing severe indigestion after almost every meal and realized it was because I was not able to chew properly due to missing teeth. I was reluctant to seek out a dentist because I felt embarrassed and ashamed of my teeth and didn’t want to be ‘judged’ by a dental office.


I finally decided that I needed to take action and based on the recommendation of a family member I contact Smiles for Life in Bridgewater. I had heard from friends and family members that the practice was very active in community service events and global initiatives such as setting up a dental clinic in Haiti. To me, it made sense that if they cared so deeply about their community and the world beyond, they must offer that same care and commitment to their patients.


I was feeling very apprehensive at my first appointment and didn’t know what to expect. However, when I walked into the office, I was immensely relieved. The staff was warm and welcoming and made me feel immediately comfortable.


I had a consultation with Becky who presented a variety of treatment options to choose from. I was very impressed with the individualized care plan that we developed together. I made the decision that full dental implants were the right decision for me.
The final result was stunning! I gained my self confidence back and was able to really smile again. I am able to enjoy food again and have not experienced any further issues with indigestion.


I cannot recommend Dr. McIntyre and his staff at Smiles for Life enough. Don’t wait as I did. I now realized that our dental health is an integral part of our self-care.”

Eileen Cooper — Churchville, VA

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