Same Day Smile: J.K. – Churchville, VA




J. transformed her smile and health with upper and lower permanent fixed bridges (also called Same Day Smile or All-on-4). She was able to save significantly on her treatment by billing through Medicare.


“I received many compliments when I was a teenager, on my beautiful smile, and perfect aligned teeth. Now, much older and teeth problems occurring, followed by fillings, root canals, crowns, partials, extractions, bridges, etc. etc.; chewing and digesting my food was not pleasant. My dentist was retiring, and she introduced me to a new dentist who enlightened me with new technology, and I visited Smiles for Life. So grateful for this modern news, I felt this was the right decision for my health. I was informed thoroughly of the ‘step by step’ procedure by a lovely lady, who answered all my questions. Now I am so pleased with the outcome and very thankful for the office staff and dentist who were exceptionally awesome in seeing me through this journey! Thank you Dr. McIntyre, Mrs. McIntyre, and staff for your caring spirit.”

J.K. — Churchville, VA

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